Adsense : Activate Ads.txt Code at Blogspot


    Hi reader at, How are you today? were you in good condition? Well, Meksah want to share
about my little story Last Week, Meksah Keep getting email notification From Google Analytic about the performance of and also the traffic reader.

    Then Meksah find time on night after few days and open the email and blogspot. I had been few month left update the blog. But when i see the traffic in blog, i am quite impress as the traffic getting increase. i know i just New blogger starting and i already feel cool when the traffic increases. 

    Later i check in earning Setting, i see that i am able to request adsense already. Then i am crazily request on that time. I expected the results will be few weeks. BUt unfortunately and luckily, i got the result on the next day at 5pm. I were fully with joy when see those email notification. I am glad!

Yesssss.... Yess.....!

Your site is now ready to serve ads on AdSense

 Activate Ads.txt at Blogspot

    In earlier, after you success Google Adsense 2021, what you need to do is to  clear the Warning that notify at Dashboard Home Google Adsense  Website.

Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue

     Above is the Warning in Dashboard Google Adsense. Then, we need to settle it to make sure the google adsense read our website  fully. All the step as below:

Step to activate the Ads.txt Code at Blogspot:

  1. Open Dashboard Google Adsense, Download the ads.txt Code that Google Adsense already ready.
  2. Thengo to your blogspot and Go through the Setting section.
  3. Choose Setting, then Click Monetization.
  4. Click Enable Custom ads.txt
  5. Next save the data.
Yeah... everything were good. Just need  to wait the Google Adsense read the code then can check the Dashboard either the warning still appear or already gone.

That all for setting the ads.txt in 2021 Google Adsense. Yeahhh!